In 2018, Valley House Homeless Shelter served almost 6,000 individuals. Of that number, there were 2,500 children.  Without the Valley House, these families would have had no place to turn for help.  Valley House Homeless Shelter has the capacity to shelter up to 90 persons a night. Our shelter facility consists of 12 family units, and a main house for single women which includes 14 beds and a single men's quarters. 


In 2009, Valley House was approached by the Twin Falls County Commissioners about the possibility of the Valley House leasing 26 apartments on Martin Street from the county for transitional housing.   (Valley House leases 4 of those apartments to the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare for their mental health clients).  Our partnership with the Twin Falls County Commissioners has allowed the Valley House to operate a very successful transitional housing program for our families. Once our families are financially stable with permanent employment, they are able to move into their own apartment in our  Martin Street Transitional Living Program. This is up to a 2 year program.  It gives our families time to establish their credit, to gain self-sufficiency, and to become a productive citizen in the Magic Valley. Participation fees from the Martin Street apartments allow us the funds needed for families and individuals who find themselves in an emergency homeless situation in the evenings and on weekends. Valley House has partnered with the Twin Falls Police Department and Twin Falls County Sheriff’s Office in an After-hours Emergency Program.  The police and sheriff's departments are able to send these families to select motels in the area until Valley House staff can further assess their situation. Valley House supplies the funds needed to pay for  motel stays, to purchase a bus ticket or a tank of gas, a food box or whatever else is needed to get them where they need to go. In most cases, we are able to transition them into the Valley House.

We also offer a second step program for our single women ... " Sharon's Place Transitional Living for Women". This transitional program gives them an additional six months to establish themselves back into the community, and to rebuild their credit by paying past due bills of rent and utilities. Along with our homeless shelter, this has given us the capacity and opportunity to house up to 100 single women in one year's time.

Valley House

Homeless Shelter ...

It's all about the kids!!

Offering Them

a Better Life ...

a Hope and a Future

for Generations to Come!!


Most of the kids that come to

our shelter have never slept in

a bed of their own or lived in

a better place than our shelter. 

They truly love living at 

the Valley House ...

BUT the excitement on their faces

when we help them finally

move into their

own apartment in our

Transitional Living Program

is beyond priceless!!

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Our program provides the tools needed to live a productive, self-sufficient life. We offer classes which include parenting, drug awareness, budgeting, nutrition and cooking, along with family counseling, mentoring, tutoring, housing, and employment assistance. Valley House works with the College of Southern Idaho and other job training programs to help further our clients' education (GED, etc.) and job readiness. We also offer food and clothing assistance.

'We are not a traditional homeless shelter. Our “guests” must be out of the shelter during the daytime looking for a job or making contacts as recommended by our staff. They are required to clean, do their own laundry, watch their own children, budget, set up personal savings accounts, and attend group meetings.  We have a “NO TOLERANCE RULE” for drugs or the consumption of alcohol, and we will tolerate no child or spousal abuse.

Valley House is undertaking

an exciting venture!

We are adding a second phase to our homeless shelter program with short term transitional living for our

singles and families.

This will be such an important part of our program in order to help our clients gain self-sufficiency. This transitional program will give them an additional six months to establish themselves back into the community, and to rebuild their credit by paying past due bills of rent and utilities.  Our plan is to build a housing complex for transitional living  which will potentially double our shelter capacity.

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